Lemon Haze


Lemon Haze has been characterized as smelling of fresh peeled lemon slices with a similar taste. Its buds appear to be green and yellow with amber hairs on the trichomes, giving it the yellow tint.

Type: 100% Sativa


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The GDW Lemon Haze strain opens a world of fresh peeled lemon slices, with a memorable citrus flavor profile and a long-lasting, well-balanced high to boot, this pristine GDW flower is an asset to both Indica and sativa fans alike. This tastes refreshingly herbal on the exhale, with some lingering lemon notes buy weed online in uk.

The medicinal buds are medium to large in size and its fluffy leaves are a mossy shade of green and are threaded through with vibrant orange pistils. buy weed online in uk

A very popular sativa-dominant hybrid that derives both its potency and its powerful aroma from two prestigious parents: it is a cross between sativa hybrid Silver Haze and pungent Lemon Skunk.

GDW Lemon Haze helps gather the motivation needed to get up and plow through tasks like cleaning the house or running errands. A strong body stone eventually emerges and becomes more pronounced as the high wears on. This combination of mental and physical effects can be a great way to appreciate activities that involve both body and mind, like exercise and, notably, sex 🙂 buy weed online in uk

If you suffer from stress, depression, fatigue or pain, the energetic, euphoricnature of the Lemon Haze effects are perfect. The relaxed, happy and uplifting sensations are great for people feeling lethargic and will bring on the munchies- perfect for those with a lack of appetite.

Its positive mental effects can temporarily distract from the symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression, while its early sense of focus can also help those with attention deficit disorders. Physically speaking, this bud can help relieve pain, whether it’s temporary or chronic and nerve-related.

In summary “When Life gives you lemons” make sure they are GDW Lemon Haze. An ideal all-purpose strain with a pleasant and refreshing aroma. It’s as enjoyable when shared with friends or when savored alone — bring enough to share, as its unique aroma is bound to turn some heads! More


28grams (1Oz), 112grams (4Oz), 224grams (8Oz)(1/2lb), 448grams(16Oz)(1Lb)